Ubisoft Entertainment

Ubisoft Entertainment (formerly Ubi Soft) is a French developer and publisher of computer games. The company has 20 offices in 16 countries. The headquarters are in the French city of Montreuil. The company is Europe’s largest independent computer company spends two, the fourth largest in the United States and the fourth largest in the world (excluding Japan).

Ubisoft was founded in France in 1986 by five brothers. One of the brothers, Yves Guillemot, entered into quickly with Electronic Arts, Sierra On-Line and Microprose to spread. Their games in France By the end of the 1980s they went to work in other countries, including Great Britain, the United States and Germany.

Red Storm Entertainment was part of Ubisoft in 2000. Red Storm Entertainment was born, when writer Tom Clancy a US Army Captain met Doug Littlejohns.  Because Clancy had great success with his latest book, The Hunt for the Red October, Clancy asked litte Johns for recommendations for a new book, Red Storm Rising (Operation Red Storm). Twelve Years later, Tom Clancy devised a formula a book and a computer to put together. He founded Red Storm Entertainment, and under this name brought the new formula to market. Little Johns was the director of the company. Later Red Storm Entertainment only ported games that were wildly successful, including Tom Clancy’s Politika and Rainbow Six.

In 2004, Electronic Arts took a 20% stake in Ubisoft which it will return in 2010.


Assassin`s Creed game series Producer: Jade Raymond

Assassin Creed is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The working title, Project Assassin, was announced during the Microsoft X05 event. From E3 2006, the title of Assassin’s Creed. The game was originally developed for the PlayStation 3, but was later also announced and released for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation Portable.

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