Assassin`s Creed III: Liberation


            Platform: PC / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

            Date of publication: October 30, 2012

             Engine: Anvil Next

The year is 1765. While on the eve of the American Revolution brewing in the north, prepare the southern Spanish troops themselves to take Louisiana … but must first pass Aveline, a deadly assassin who all his weapons and skills, commitment to the freedom of his country and its people

Aveline performs silent kill sequences in slow motion and lures her enemies into deadly traps. Every enemy in her path lives in terror.

If murderous Aveline takes an unforgettable journey she from the busy streets of New Orleans to voodoo swamps and ancient Mayan ruins leads. She plays an important role in the birth of a new nation as she fights for her freedom and that of her fellow citizens.

PlayStation ┬« Vita system exception. Use the touchscreen, rear touch pad, motion sensor and built-in camera function to slow-motion murder sequences to perform unsuspecting victims pickpocketing and enemies to chase in a canoe. This breathtaking game is specially designed for the PS Vita system

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