Assassin`s Creed Syndacate

     Platform: PC / Xbox One / PlayStation 4

Date of publication: October – 23 -2015

             Engine: Scimitar, also called Anvil



 England 1868, the story follows the fortunes of Jacob and Evie Frye as they navigate their way within organized crime in Victorian London and their struggle against the established power controlled by the Templars. They at first, under orders from the other Assassins, killed Rupert Ferris (by Jacob) and David Brewster(by Evie) respectively. During the confrontation with Brewster, Evie discovers that the Templars have found two fruits of Eden, one of which explodes at the end of the scientist’s confession. Having finished their objectives, they flee to London to wrest power from the Templar Grand Master, Crawford Starrick. Upon arriving in the metropolis, they meet Henry Green, the murderous branch manager of the Assassins in London. Jacob immediately decides to create a gang called the “Rooks,” later snatching Whitechapel from the hands of the Blighters, the rival gang. The Frye brothers obtain the neighborhood by killing the area’s lieutenant, Robert Kailock, from whom they obtain the train and a railroad, which they establish as their headquarters.

Jacob also steals a broken prototype string launcher, and Green advises that he should visit a friend who might be able to help him. On the way, Jacob meets Charles Dickens, who asks him to visit him later. Green’s friend is Alexander Graham Bell, the famous inventor, who in a short time makes an improved version of the cord launcher, to be inserted into the wristband of the concealed blade. Evie will use it shortly thereafter to help Bell with the development of a new difonograph company, capable of emitting the human voice; it is Evie herself who suggests the name: telephone. Having obtained the rope spear Jacob learns of a drug circulating in the city called the deadly elixir. The Assassin chases a drug dealer to discover that the drugs come from a warehouse located in the harbor area. Arriving there he meets Charles Darwin, also intent on stopping the elixir circle. Having destroyed the warehouse, Jacob interrogates a journalist to find out who is the producer of the drug that appears to have come from a hospital. Before long Jacob arrives at the hospital to kill the drug-producing Templar: John Elliotson, a surgeon who performs disturbing experiments on patients. Jacob kills the doctor, who on his deathbed continues to claim that he was doing good, because “times have changed now” and Jacob is “just a guy who still believes he can fix the world with a sword.”

Subsequently, the first conflicts between the Fryes begin: Evie accuses her brother of placing too little importance on the Brotherhood of Assassins, while Jacob resents that his sister is overly obsessed with following in her father’s footsteps and teases her by mocking her relationship with Henry Green. The two paths then begin to diverge: Evie finds the key to the crypt at St. Paul’s Cathedral, but it is snatched from her by Lucy Thorne after a violent confrontation; Jacob, on the other hand, meets Pearl Attaway, an apparent ally and business partner, but later proves to be an enemy as a Templar and Starrick’s cousin; the Assassin, therefore, is forced to kill her; here Crawford’s wrath breaks out, determined more than ever to take revenge. Evie goes to the Tower of London and kills Lucy Thorne; the dying occultist hints at extraordinary and incredible powers that the Shroud can do, but has no intention of telling the Assassin what it is really about. Jacob, on the other hand, is determined to strike at Starrick’s finances by discovering that his banker, Mr. Twopenny, as well as governor of the Bank of England, carries out robberies in his bank to enrich himself at the expense of the poor. Jacob kills him precisely during a robbery at the bank’s headquarters so in doing so, in addition to stopping the criminal, he affected Starrick’s finances.

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