Assassin`s Creed II


              Platform: PC / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

             Date of publication: November – 15-2009

             Engine: Scimitar, also called Anvil


Get ready and immerse yourself in the lush and deadly world of the Italian Renaissance, a period of arts, riches and assassination plots.

Assassin’s Creed ® II comes to Ezio, a new assassin who the deadly traditions of his predecessors continue. In this fascinating and deadly box an epic story of power and corruption occurs, hone your skills as an assassin and use the weapons and tools that were designed by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci.

Main Features

The protagonist of the new game is a noble Florentine ancestor of Desmond Miles and descendant of Altair, named Ezio Auditore.
The ‘adventure will begin in the year 1486, which will correspond to the Renaissance era, and in addition to being equipped with two blades, the “new Altair” has not undergone the ritual of cutting off his fingers to allow the blades to come out of his fists, so he will use them differently from what was seen in the first game.
In the course of the adventure it is possible to see some of the locations that will host this new episode and they are: the Basilica of San Marco, the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge, but we will also be able to visit some places in the Tuscan countryside.
Ezio Auditore will be able to move to the following places either on foot or on horseback, while in Venice he will have the opportunity to swim in the canals and stay submerged as long as his breath allows.
There will be new gameplay methods that the protagonist can use such as killing an enemy silently, and he will have new weapons at his disposal including an axe, a club, a hammer, a spear, a pair of swords, and two different types of small blades, all of which have different characteristics.
A function has also been implemented by which it will be possible to take weapons away from the slain enemy, thus allowing a wide range of weapon choices! The day will be divided between day and night and will have 16 different quests among them that will disappear and appear depending on Ezio’s reputation, in the course of the game you will meet new historical figures among Machiavelli, Caterina Sforza and Lorenzo de Medici.
Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop has been confirmed: we will see this character together with the Mona Lisa, his inventions such as flying, useful for gliding between rooftops, can also be used. Hidden objects such as emblems, statues and more can be found in the various scenarios that will unlock bonus content.

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