Assassin`s Creed


logo-ac              Platform: PC / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

             Date of publication: November – 15-2007

             Engine: Scimitar, also called Anvil


It is the year 1191. The Third Crusade is now dividing the Holy Land. You, Altair, intend to stop hostilities by eliminating both sides of the conflict.

You are an Assassin, a warrior shrouded in mystery and feared for his cruelty. Your actions can lead everything into chaos, and your existence will determine the flow of events during this crucial period of history.

Main Features

Become an Assassin Master the skills, tactics and weapons of one of the deadliest and most secretive warrior clans in history. Plan your attacks, strike mercilessly and fight your way out.

Realistic and immersive environments Immerse yourself in a living, real world in which all your actions will have a consequence. Crowds will react to your moves, helping or hindering you during your missions.
Action in a New Dimension – Total Freedom Eliminate your targets where, when and how you want. Search for your prey through vast, spectacular and detailed historical settings. Climb the tallest buildings, mount a horse, hide in the crowd: do whatever you wish to achieve your goal.
Relive the epic days of the Crusades Assassin’s Creed will immerse you in the historic Holy Land of the 12th century through spectacular graphics and the mysterious yet detailed nuances of a dynamic and immersive world.
Intense Action Full of Realism Experience intense game action enhanced by smooth and precise animations. Use a vast arsenal of medieval weapons and face your enemy in realistic sword duels.
Next Generation Gameplay The proprietary engine developed specifically for the next generation of consoles will bring incredible game design filled with vast environments, an intuitive game interface, realistic interactions with the environment, and an engaging combat system.

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