Assassin’s Creed Rogue


              Platform: PC / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

             Date of publication: November – 13-2014  ( 20/03/2018)

             Engine: Scimitar, also called Anvil

Assassin’s Creed Rogue
 is a video game developed by Ubisoft Sofia, as well as a sequel to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It is the seventh official chapter in the series Assassin’s Creed. The title was published for the platforms PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11 2014 in North America and November 13, 2014 in Europe.[1][2] It is available for Microsoft Windows as of March 10, 2015.[3] A remastered version was released for PlayStation 4 e Xbox One March 20, 2018


Shay Patrick Cormac is a very young assassin recently joined the fraternity at America led by mentor Achilles Davenport, through his close childhood friend Liam. At the dawn of 1752 Shay and Liam rush to the aid of the murderous explorer Louis-Joseph Gautier Chevalier de La Vérendrye, who is being attacked by a group of Englishmen, from whom Shay will eventually take the ship known as the Morrigan after defeating them and enlisting their prisoners as a crew. His rescue and mastery of the ship put him on the map in the eyes of his superiors, who once they learned what had happened decided to elevate him in rank and let him have the ship of which he became captain. A few months later Shay continues to train with his superiors in various techniques: with Kesegowaase, a Native American, he learns how to survive in hostile environments; with Hope Jensen, a poison expert, he learns how to assassinate by stealth; and with his friend Liam, a skilled gunfighter, he trains in marksmanship. After training at the estate, the old assassin Adéwalé visits mentor Achilles Davenport to give him reports of a mysterious mission that occurred at Haiti and had a disastrous outcome having to do with an ancient artifact that triggered a tsunami. Shay and Liam are sent by their mentor on a mission to find a manuscript and a strange box, both in the possession of the rival order of assassins: that of the Templars. Chevalier enlists the help of a former pirate calling himself Le Chasseur, who has discovered the name of the one who is in possession of the artifacts and who was looking for scientists who could operate them not knowing their nature: the Templar Lawrence Washington. Shay tracks down the man and kills him, believing that precisely he was in possession of the two artifacts. It turns out, however, that Lawrence possessed neither the box nor the manuscript, but on his deathbed he confesses the names of the men to whom he entrusted them. Samuel Smith is first; having killed this and recovered the box, Shay’s next target is James Wardrop, possessor of the manuscript. The hunt lasts almost two years, during which Shay learns about the nature and thus the origins of the two artifacts, which belonged to the precursors of early civilization; in fact box and book are both Fruits of Eden that even the Templars want. Thus, the purpose of their mission is to discover their function before the Templars. Meanwhile, in 1756 tensions between France and England increase until the Seven Years’ War breaks out. Shay and Hope harness the scientific knowledge of Benjamin Franklin, whom they hire to discover a way to open the box through electricity, but without revealing to him the true nature of the artifacts. Activated the box through electricity, this shows a map of the world with some points marked. At the last moment Shay is able to see one of the points indicated before the map vanishes: Lisbon. Achilles therefore sends Shay overseas on a fraternity ship to search for the artifact in Portugal and discover the nature of the latter in order to retrieve it. Having found the exact spot, Shay manages to gain access to a mysterious underground temple, which contains precisely the strange artifact inside a crypt: a black prism shaped like a star. Shay makes to take it but as soon as it is touched it pulverizes unleashing a terrible earthquake from which the killer miraculously saves himself by returning to the ship as the city is destroyed.

Shay understands that what happened had already happened to Adéwalé at Haiti. Back in America, he accuses his mentor of causing him to carry out a massacre. Hope tries to calm him down by telling him that, indeed, they were not sure if it would happen again as in Haiti with Adéwalé. Liam takes his friend away who goes on a rampage tormented by what he has done, imploring Achilles not to seek more artifacts as they only cause death. Knowing that Achilles would not stop since he was convinced that he could retrieve the artifacts to use them against the Templars, Shay decides to betray the fraternity and sneak into the estate to steal the box and manuscript so that they would not find any more artifacts. Shay finds and takes the manuscript but is discovered and almost stopped by Achilles himself who makes him chase. At the same time the estate is suddenly attacked by some British ships, and Shay takes advantage of the chaos to try to escape but gets stuck on a cliff. Liam tries to calm him down but rather than have yet another catastrophe reoccur Shay decides to throw himself overboard taking the artifact with him. The other assassins arrive, and although Chevalier shoots Shay to stop him, the assassin jumps off the cliff plunging into the icy ocean waters along with the manuscript.

Some time later it turns out that a man named George Monro found him at sea and placed him in the care of a New York family, parents of his deceased friend. Recovering from his injuries, Shay becomes involved in the gang raids of New York who were harassing his family to extort money from him. Once they are stopped, Colonel Monro learns of what he has done and thanks him, asking him to help in the annihilation of the remaining gangs in the city to heal it once and for all. Shay accepts and defeats the gang by unlocking building renovations.Next, the colonel asks Shay to rescue a picturesque sailor named  Christopher Gist, (a man of the world accustomed to gambling and booze as well as a womanizer) held hostage in what will later be Cormac’s house. Shay discovers that the Morrigan was in the hands of the eliminated gang (probably sold to them by the murderers or stolen), and once he regains possession of the ship he appoints Christopher as his quartermaster, who is about to recruit a crew. On the latter’s advice Shay joins the colonel and helps him on some missions against the French at Albany, where he meets an old acquaintance of his: the former pirate Le Chasseur (in the pay of the French), whom he kills in a duel to prevent the assassins from discovering that he survived.

Back in New York, Monro asks Shay to investigate the production of some poisons and weapons in the city. Shay discovers that behind such inventions is Benjamin Franklin who continues to work for the Assassins without knowing the nature or use of his discoveries. Remembering that poisons were Hope’s specialty, Shay connects the dots but decides not to go after the assassin, however he destroys all of Franklin’s work on weapons and poisons. Having destroyed the production and upgraded his arsenal, the young man then completes another mission to George Monro totally winning his trust and even respect. After celebrating his victory with Christopher and Shay, Monro returns to fight the French along with a Templar named Jack, leaving on the Morrigan the manuscript along with a letter for Shay where he says he found it months earlier in the frigid waters of the estate shortly after the attack, thus revealing himself as the one who attacked her by sea and thus also admitting to being an enemy Templar of the Assassins. Later Shay discovers that the colonel knew of his membership in the Assassins but still did not care since not saving him would be dishonorable and cruel. Shay then decides to help him in the war against the French to repay him for saving him despite being his enemy. During the fighting it is discovered that one of his old masters, the native Kesegowaase, has joined the natives allied with the French to stop Monro. Shay manages to get the colonel to safety while Jack saves him from the killer by disfiguring him after causing an explosion. Jack and Christopher both turn out to be Templars in the service of George Monro, and Shay returns the manuscript to the colonel since, now that the Assassins know he was still alive, they would hunt him down. Some time later the young man finds himself in a violent battle in a stormed English fort where again he comes face to face with Kesegowaase, who, however, this time does not survive the confrontation. On his deathbed, the enemy continues to assert his success by saying that he murdered the colonel and gave the manuscript to Liam. Effectively in the battle Colonel Monro was killed and the manuscript was stolen by the Assassins. Before he dies, the colonel gives his Templar Order ring to Shay, who then decides to finally join the order in memory of his recently deceased friend.

Some time later Shay returned to New York where, from a simple mercenary in the pay of the Templars, he became a full member of the Order of the Knights of the Temple, reciting the oath and being appointed Templar by Grand Master Haytham Kenway. Haytham reveals to Shay that the assassin Adéwalé has joined the French fleet to exploit it in its hunt for American Templars, and so the Grand Master assigns him his first mission as a Templar to Shay, in which he himself participates. The mission is to find Adéwalé and kill him. Shay reluctantly accepts having to kill an honorable man such as the murderer, but she comes to terms with it and sets off with Christopher and Haytham on the Morrigan to hunt him down. The assassin and the Templar meet in the Siege of Louisbourg where Shay puts him to flight after a furious naval battle. Once found, the Templar chases him with his ship and wrecks him after a brief confrontation, forcing him to flee to the mainland where he is stopped and killed with the help of Grandmaster Haytham, who is then finally convinced of Shay’s loyalty.

Some time later at New York the Assassins try to reproduce Franklin’s experiment to reopen the box, so Shay and Jack slow them down by drawing the attention of the British authorities to them through some stratagem designed to blame mercenaries in the service of the Assassins. Shay thus discovers the location of the Assassins and reaches their hideout where Achilles and Liam leave Hope to work on the box experiment saying they will leave town to meet Chevalier to get the manuscript. Hope discovers Shay and poisons him, but the latter manages to stop her and to get the antidote he is forced to kill her. This, however, tells him that he does not really have the box with him and that his plan was only to slow Shay down so that Achilles would take the box to Chevalier. Shay thus sets sail from New York and finds the location of the murderer who leads him into a trap. However, Shay manages to survive, catches up with him and, after boarding his ship, defeats him in a duel. However, the murderer confesses that the box was not even in his hands, but in Achilles’, and that Hope had tricked him into chasing Chevalier who would trap him, leaving Achilles and Liam time to get away and open the box to find another artifact.

Shay finally discovers the true location of the master assassin through some of Chevalier’s nautical charts, and then sets sail with the Morrigan in the North Atlantic arriving at its destination in March of 1760 where he is accompanied by Grandmaster Haytham, who follows him since he is charged with studying the sites and artifacts of the precursors, Here they find a crypt under the ice, identical to the one in Lisbon, where Achilles realizes that there is no way to take the Fruit of Eden without destroying it and that it is therefore useless, making sense of what Shay said before he betrayed the fraternity. Here Haytham and Shay enter the scene and try to stop them, but before the confrontation begins Liam accidentally touches the artifact and triggers an earthquake. Haytham chases Achilles while Liam and Shay escape to the outside of the cave where they begin to fight. During the duel Liam states that the box was in Chevalier’s hand, that he gave it to someone before he died, and that therefore Shay will never find it. The earthquake plunges the two off a cliff, and Liam, dying, lets go of the manuscript, accusing Shay not only of betraying the fraternity but also of betraying their friendship. Shay takes the manuscript and admits that she has no regrets since she knows she did the right thing by stopping them.

After the earthquake is over, Shay comes out of the cave and sees his old Mentor Achilles fighting Haytham, who beats him. The unarmed and wounded killer is about to be cruelly killed but Shay stops Haytham by telling him that there is no need to end his life, as the fraternity in America no longer exists now, and also because then he will be able to tell other assassins in the rest of the world that these precursor sites do not contain artifacts useful to the fraternity, thus stopping the search. Haytham shoots Achilles’ knee, crippling him and telling him to never forget his place and what happened. Christopher joins them with the Morrigan, and the Templars set sail south. During the trip Haytham gives Shay the task of searching for the box wherever it is. Shay accepts even though he knows that the mission will take many years… In fact, in 1776 Shay is at Versailles where he finally found the murderer to whom Chevalier gave the box: Charles Dorian. Once killed he takes back the artifact leaving Charles (father of Arno Victor Dorian) dying and walking away once he finally completes his mission.


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