Assassin’s Creed Official Strategy Guide

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The Official Assassin's Creed Strategy Guide is indispensable for players who want to discover in detail how this complex title in the saga works. The guide is presented with a rich subject index and interesting appendices.

What makes this Official Assassin's Creed Strategy Guide special, as well as the others from the same publisher, is the happy juxtaposition of images and text. There are, in fact, numerous screenshots that assist in explaining the various steps. There is also all the advice from the developers to help the player solve even the most difficult situations. In addition there is a series of interesting interviews with key people from the development team.

The Official Assassin's Creed Strategy Guide consists of 335 pages organized into 6 different sections. The sections are presented in this succession:

  1. Introduction: a brief synopsis of why you are here and your purpose. This section sets the stage for future adventures;
  2. Training and maneuvers: section where you can find all the techniques to continue the adventure;
  3. Characters and Enemies: this section will reveal the factions you will be dealing with throughout the 'adventure; from Saracens to Abstergo Industries personnel;
  4. Holy Land Tour: a guided tour of the main cities, as well as the Kingdom and the various Districts. Section designed to help familiarize you with the places you pass through during the game experience;
  5. Solutions: details are revealed here, the optimal tactics for each stage of your adventure;
  6. Appendix: offers tips for completing all 44 Xbox360 Achievements, and contains information that will further enhance your game play.

In conclusion, there is also a large fold-out map in the Strategy Guide with all the districts and lands in the game.

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Carlo Prisco

Carlo Prisco


Ciao a tutti. Mi chiamo Aosen ( è un nome Alias :D) Classe 86 appassionato per i videogiochi, in particolare World of Warcraft ed Assassin's Creed. ho ottenuto il 10 Febbraio 2019 il Guinness World Record per la collezione di AC più grande al mondo.

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