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In collaboration with Ubisoft, we are celebrating the launch of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, leading the way for a new generation of innovation in the gaming and fashion industries.

As we become increasingly digital in the ways we communicate, share experiences and interact, we are focused on eradicating the boundaries between physical and digital product.

To coincide with Ubisoft Forward on July 12th, we have created the limited edition War Paint Tee. The sustainably produced shirt is layered with an augmented reality experience, co-created by our friends at Wabisabi Design. Each tee is hand finished with traditional Norse embroidery - a nod to Valhalla’s origins. Activate the AR lens to take you into battle…Odin is with you.

Available to order through July only, after which time it is gone forever!

Shop the tee, featuring both versions of Valhalla’s protagonist, Eivor, below.


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Carlo Prisco

Carlo Prisco


Ciao a tutti. Mi chiamo Aosen ( è un nome Alias :D) Classe 86 appassionato per i videogiochi, in particolare World of Warcraft ed Assassin's Creed. ho ottenuto il 10 Febbraio 2019 il Guinness World Record per la collezione di AC più grande al mondo.

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