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A new era, a new hero. UBIcollectibles is proud to present “Arno, The Fearless Assassin”, our new collector’s piece inspired by the next chapter in the Ubisoft franchise: Assassin’s Creed® Unity.

This figurine represents Arno at the foot of the barricades. Confident, smiling, trusty sword in hand and gun concealed for those too fearful to face him. Can it only be he that stands for truth and freedom for all?

ADDITIONAL DIGITAL CONTENT to be used in Assassin’s Creed ® Unity: “The Fearless Assassin’s outfit”

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Carlo Prisco

Ciao a tutti. Mi chiamo Aosen ( è un nome Alias :D) Classe 86 appassionato per i videogiochi, in particolare World of Warcraft ed Assassin's Creed. ho ottenuto il 10 Febbraio 2019 il Guinness World Record per la collezione di AC più grande al mondo.